May 17, 2008

Preakness Stakes 133

I just watched the intro to NBC's Preakness coverage, something I vowed not to do in hopes of staying calm prior to the race. It was about 20 minutes of each "roundtable" participant (the table was technically a half arch) stating the obvious and trying to take credit for saving this sport. Except of course the only non-industry representative, William Rhoden of the New York Times, who stood by his comments of comparing thoroughbred racing to bullfighting and greyhound racing (by the way, where is the backlash from the American Kennel Club??), yet ended the segment by stating the current racing produce "may be" cruel. Way to go out on a limb, buddy. At least a PETA representative would have been more committal!

As for the race coming up, Big Brown's connections aren't quite as confident today with the quick two week turnaround in races, but the betting public have backed BB to the tune of 1-5 (odds just ticked up from 1-9). I've heard from several of you who are still just as interested in betting the Preakness as The Derby. While I am sitting this one out, based on the lack of a clear 2nd or 3rd choice, the exotics may indeed pay well again, regardless of who runs behind BB, assuming he's again "much the best." I will be keeping my eye on the outside posts again, as Gayego will likely improve if gets away from the gate better today. And Hey Byrn recently won at 1 3/16ths after breaking poorly and finishing a decent 4th against BB in the Florida Derby.

I hope the horses run your way today (since I have no active bets)...

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