May 3, 2008

Saturday - The first mint julep

Nearly 2:00 CST and i can finally relax, having made the short drive to Lone Star park to place my bets, along with a nice size office pool superfecta wheel. One tip for all you out there who plan on making your bets via online accounts; make sure you double check your tickets for correct numbers. It gets very confusing with as many as 20 runners, especially if you are betting part wheels. As for the odds arbitrage, I think Monba is a bargain for a board play near 30-1. I stick by Smooth Air as a big long-shot for the 3rd of 4th slot. Even though I have Big Brown in my large superfecta, I am playing multiple backup tri's without the 5-2 favorite to try to cash in on bigger odds. Keep in mind that there are so many options, it's better to key your top 1 or 2 choices in exactas and tri's than try to get cute with combinations and have your horse win, yet go without cashing a ticket. A $1 exacta wheel with ALL is only $19, and is sure to pay more than that (perhaps unless you're keying the 20).

Now that I've returned home and it is easily after noon, I have broken the seal on an especially nice bottle of Woodford Reserve. Of course, I had pre-prepared the mint julep base, but for those novices out there, there's still time! Simply boil 2 cups of water adding several sprigs of fresh mint with 2 cups of granular sugar and let cool in the frig. Assembe your ancillary tools (pewter or commemorative Derby glasses, mint stalks for garnish, crushed ice, straws and powdered sugar). Mix about 2 ounces of the thickened syrup with 2 - 4 oz. (make progressively stronger so bourbon doesn't overwhelm palate) of pure Kentucky bourbon over the crushed ice, insert mint sprig and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Insert straw here and enjoy.... aaahhhhh, so refreshing!!

I'll either be laughing (to the bank) or crying around 5:06 p.m., but I'll try to muster a post-race comment.


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