January 25, 2008

Not So Happy Anniversary

January 30th marks the one year anniversary of Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro being euthanized at the New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania after an eight month battle resulting from his tragic Preakness injury. If you haven't already donated for laminitis research (this applies to all breeds of horses, not only thoroughbreds) please visit the following site and consider a donation today http://www.ntra.com/ridingwithbarbaro/. In a cruel twist of fate, Roy and Gretchen Jackson, breeders and owners of Barbaro, saw another champion from their breeding operation - George Washington - break down during the Breeders Cup Classic in October 2007 when that horse returned to racing after faultering as a stud. With all that bad luck, the Jackson's are liken to the Kennedy's of the turf.

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