May 5, 2011

Uncle Mo and the A-hole

I'll let you read this blurb and guess whether the A-hole I am referring to is the GI health issues that caused Uncle Mo to scratch, or his cocky owner.

"Does it hurt that he’s not here?" Repole said. "Yes, because Uncle Mo, in my opinion he’s five to seven lengths better than any horse in this race," Repole said.

"As bad as I want win this race, (Pletcher) is 43 and I’m 42. He looks a lot older than I do, but the bottom line is that we’re going to be around a while. I have 100 friends and family in town and we still have a chance. Stay Thirsty had the best work of his life the other day. How many people have a horse scratched from this race and still have another one?”

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There has been much talk within the racing circle that something was not quite right with this horse for over a week now. Robert LaPenta, the owner of the likely clear favorite in Dialed In with Mo's defection, essentially called out Pletcher and Repole on this issue in a statment a week ago. Mike Repole has a history of making cocky statements, such as just the other day saying he would wager enough money personally on Uncle Mo to guarantee he would go off as the favorite. Now he trashes the other Derby owners by saying his sick horse is "five to seven lengths better" than the actual Derby field?

This is an asinine comment and it's time that the racing world stand up to arrogant bastards like Repole. The Blood-Horse magazine recently featured young owners like Repole, Kevin Plank and Bobby Flay titled "Young Turks" and described how these young owners with large bankrolls are impacting the sport. But if this childish, schoolyard behavior and comments are representative of the type of impact to the future of our sport, I want no part of it. I wish Uncle Mo (and Stay Thirsty for that matter) well, but to Repole -- grow up you jerk!

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